Holography in Cannabis Packaging: Bling on a Budget

Start-ups are, by necessity, budget conscious. As such, cannabis packaging designers are embracing the use of holographic board as a way to inexpensively achieve dramatic effects.

For instance, when the cannabis company High Season added a signature extract to their product line, they asked the the designers at DiDio and Associates for a carton design that would stand apart from their competitor’s packaging. They also wanted a package that would appear to be more high-end than their other, less expensive extracts.

With limited funds available, the designers kept the design simple, using just two spot colors and no special coatings. They also developed an adhesive-free folding carton design to minimize fulfillment costs.

The printer also identified a cost-savings opportunity by utilizing the same die for both the new signature extract carton and the cartons for their other extracts. To achieve the colorful playfulness that the client desired, the designers printed the carton on Mainline Holographics’ Swirl3 holographic stock pattern.

The arresting pattern matched High Season’s brand identity so well—and sales exceeded their expectations to such a degree—that the company now plans to print their other signature product packaging on holographic board as well.

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Cannabis Industry: New Holographic Pattern Paves Way to Increased Sales and Greater Brand Awareness

In March 2020, Mainline Holographics launched a new holographic pattern specially designed for the ever-expanding Cannabis and CBD oil industries. Composed of a repeating series of varying sizes of marijuana leaves, the pattern is shim-line free so is well suited for use in packaging, print collateral, and labels/security seals. As such, the pattern may be of most use for Cannabis dispensaries, CBD oil companies, growers, or even artists and musicians.

“It’s an honor to be the first company in the US to provide the Cannabis industry with a distinctively unique option for packaging, print, and labels,” says Mainline Holographics’ COO John Parker Jr.

Although the new holographic design is currently stocked as 28 x 40” sheets of 16, 18, and 24pt board, it can be cut to size or applied to label stock, security seal wafers for packaging, and even to paper for printed collateral, such as promo flyers or direct mail campaigns. And if a customer wishes to alter the Cannabis pattern, Mainline’s team of holographic experts can adjust the existing design—or can create an entirely new one—to meet one’s branding needs.

Unlike most other holographic companies, Mainline has no minimum order requirements, and can warehouse jobs for customers currently experiencing supply-chain bottlenecks, reduced hours of operation, or temporary closure.

 “Our Cannabis pattern is so eye-catchingly beautiful,” explains National Sales Director John Tillinghast, “that consumers won’t be able to resist picking up the package or product for a second (or third) look. This sort of enhanced experience will undoubtedly increase sales and grow brand awareness.”